Print Queue

Here you can see what print jobs are in the queue so you can track backorder items and custom order progress.

Updated June 9th 11:26


Turbo OutRun map sticker
Battle Circuit labels
Crazy Taxi ‘Let’s Get Awesome’
Crazy Taxi instruction decal
Donkey Kong perspex/plexi marquees
OutRun 2 base side decals pair
House of the Dead 2 cpo
Forgotten Worlds plexi bezel
Smash TV perspex marquee
OutRun DLX perspex bezel
NARC cpo
Pac-Land side art
Pac-Land cpo pair
Rampage bezel

Awaiting Print:

Kung Fu Master poster
Street Fighter 2 pencil poster

Donkey Kong tinted plexi bezel
Robotron Euro bezel
Pacman Marquee
Ninja Warriors marquee
Space Harrier side art

In Prepress

OutRun USA side art – final colour matching stage.
Moonwalker pop/topper
Chase HQ poster
OutRun poster
Ice Cold Beer side art

Working On

Donkey Kong control panel plexi
Thunderblade cabaret/mini side art
Thunderblade cabaret/mini control panel decals
Ninja Warriors side art
Ninja Warriors bezel decal
Quartet cpo
Nintendo cocktail decals

Printed and added to stock/shipped

Street Fighter 1 marquee

Alien Storm CPO

Nintendo insert coin 25 cent
Nintendo insert coin 20 pence
Donkey Kong instruction strip decal
Robotron side art

Dungeons & Dragons poster
Muchi muchi pork poster
Gradius poster
Ghouls n Ghosts poster
Raiden Fighters poster
Mushisemafutari poster
Ibara poster
Strider poster

Atari System 1 side art
Afterburner Climax Side art
F355 side art
Mortal Kombat 2 marquee
Robotron Marquee
Robocop Marquee
MVS mini marquees
SCI US marquee
Hang-On sticker set
Space Harrier Seat art

Ridge Racer upright side art
Tehkan World cup side art
Tehkan World cup cpo pair
Eagle Plexi marquee
Neo Geo Electrocoin plexi marquee
Rolling Thunder side art pair
Sega Rally base side decals
Turbo OutRun side art pair
Forgotten Worlds side art pair
OutRun 2 SP base side decals
Sega Rally seat number 1 & 2
Astro City move strip
Robotron Euro plexi marquee
Bombjack plexi marquee
Egret 2 decal set and instruction strip