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Some new pieces finished

I’ve just finished working on a couple of bits of Atari art that I’ve had on the to-do list a long time.

First up is the Marble Madness CPO, I was given a NOS one to scan in so that made it very easy to work from.
Marble Madness CPO

Next up was a Euro Time Pilot marquee and CPO, I have one of these cabs in my collection which is in need of new art so was keen to get these pieces ready!
Credit for the vector work on these 2 goes to Ravage who created the original files, I’ve updated them with a few alterations and colour changes.
Time Pilot Marquee

Time Pilot CPO

I’ve got proofs of these 3 pieces on the way soon, once I’ve checked them over against my originals I’ll get them added to the store inventory.