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Perspex printed artwork now available.

The final samples have been done on the new printer and we are now able to take orders for perspex artwork.
Art is reverse printed on to the back of perspex and given a white backing, just like the artwork back in the day and the quality is absolutely stunning.
We can do marquees, bezels, control panels and toppers etc.

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Big stock of original artwork just arrived

I’ve just picked up a really nice lot of original artwork. Some really nice pieces in this lot which I’ll be adding to the site over the next few days.

In this lot is:

Motor Raid twin topper
Battle Gear 4 topper
Kart Duel Deluxe large marquee
Mario Kart Arcade GP twin
Battle Gear 3 twin
Jurassic Park Lost World DLX
Jurassic Park Lost World Upright (New unused)
Time Crisis 3 twin
House of the Dead 3
Namco Race On!
Thrill Drive
Time Crisis 4 instruction panel (New unused)
Tekken 3
Cool Riders twin
Sega Rally Deluxe marquee
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 marquee
Ridge Racer Delux
Virtua Striker
Virtua Striker 2
Valve Limit R
Time Crisis 2 control tower plastic
Virtua Golf
Virtua Striker 2002
Sega Touring Car Championship
Tekken 1


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Lots of nice original artwork added to the store

Original artwork

I’ve just had a sort out of some of our original artwork stocks. Over the years I’ve managed to find some really nice pieces, and I’ll be gradually adding them to the store.

The first lot to be added is a selection of original Perspex/plexi marquees. There’s a couple of really nice pieces here, including a new-old-stock Tekken Tag marquee and a full size F355 Challenge 2 perpsex marquee.

You can see everything I’ve added today on the NOS and Original artwork page.


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New ultra high quality thick vinyl pieces now in stock including Sega Rally 2 art

I’ve just finished adding some lovely new Sega Rally 2 pieces to the store. There’s a lot of stickers in the set, so they are being done in 2 batches, then next lot will be available next week.

Sega Rally 2 decals set 1

These are all printed on our amazing new 200 micron premium Orajet vinyl. It’s double the thickness of our regular stock, and the print quality is incredible. It has a lovely silk finish, so is much less shiny than the gloss laminated pieces, and the colours really pop.

I’ll be restocking much of the store inventory on this new vinyl, so long out-of-stock and backorder items will gradually be available again over the coming weeks.

As well as the Sega Rally 2 artwork, the following pieces have be restocked on the new vinyl:

Sega OutRun 2 Side Art decals pair ORT-1551-A, ORT-1556-A

Sega OutRun 2 UK Seat Back Decal ORT-1603-BUK

Sega Blast City 2-Player control panel overlay

Sega Naomi Universal 2p Overlay

Taito Egret II 100¥ Decal 100 Yen

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Big Sale Now On!!!!

We’re having a clear out, loads of stock has massive reductions, F355 artwork is half price, Initial-D artwork has big reductions, and many more items have big discounts.

Here’s the list of what’s on sale:

F355 Challenge artwork all HALF PRICE!
All Posters now £12 or less
Egret 2 side art £10 off, Instruction decal £2 off
Selected CPO’s £10 off
Space Invaders cocktail overlays £6 off
Many marquees reduced by £5.
Chase HQ2 original Jap topper £10 off
House of the Dead 2 NOS side art £10 off
Crazy Taxi Let’s Get Awesome Half Price £6
Initial-D decals have big discounts
SCUD Race base sides Half Price
Daytona 2 decals have big reductions
Lordsvale Neo Geo side art £10 off
Turbo OutRun mini side art £5 off
Sega Rally side art £30 off!
Salamander side art £10 off
OutRun 2 ranking decal now £3.50
OutRun 2, Sega Rally, Daytona, F355 Dash decals reduced
Daytona 2 decals all reduced
OutRun 2 Jap seat back £10 off
OutRun 2 SP Uk Seat back now £15

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UK And Worldwide Shipping Costs Updated

After having a number of enquiries about the postage costs I’ve completely reworked the shipping options for the store. There are now different costs based on the size of the artwork.

Small decals like the Sega logos, Dash decals and so on now have a Letter Rate, which is massively cheaper than before for customers who only want a few smaller decals, and all other rates for International customers have been reduced.

Here’s the new table of pricing and shipping methods

Letter Rate (dash decals, smaller stickers etc.) £2 Untracked Letter Post
Small Parcel (marquees, medium size decals etc.) £5 Royal Mail Small Parcel Recorded Delivery
Medium Parcel (most side art, cpo’s etc.) £8 Royal Mail Medium Parcel Recorded Delivery
Large Parcel (toppers, bezels, full cab side art) £14 Parcelforce Courier Delivery
Letter Rate £8 Tracked and Insured Airmail Letter Post
Small and Medium Parcel £13 Tracked and Insured Airmail Small Parcel
Large Parcel £17 UPS Economy Airmail Tracked and Insured
Letter Rate £9 Tracked and Insured Airmail Letter Post
Small and Medium Parcel £14 Tracked and Insured Airmail Small Parcel
Large Parcel £50 UPS Express Saver Tracked and Insured


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What’s new….

Many items restocked and some new pieces added to the store now.

Megatech, Electrocoin Neo Geo MVS, Hero Turtles and Simpsons CPO’s are all back in stock. I managed to find some more new Sega spares, so we have Ferrari emblems, bolts, seat fixings and shifter covers available again. Managed to also find a couple of brand new Daytona 2 shifter covers which can be found here:

Daytona, Sega Rally etc. 4-Speed Gear Shift Cover-A *NEW* DYN-1222

A few new exclusive pieces have been finished recently too. We have Centipede Cabaret CPO’s, for the Irish built cabinets. These are a different design and brighter than the US build cabs.

Atari Centipede Cabaret Control Panel Overlay CPO (Irish cabinet)

Initial-D 3 side art is now available.

Initial-D 3 Side Art (pair) TOS-1551-AUK, TOS-1556-AUK

As well as the base side stickers which were fitted on ID1, 2 and 3 cabs.

Initial-D base sides decal (pair) TOF-1502UK / TOF-1503UK

Battlezone cabaret CPO’s are ready

Atari Battlezone Cabaret Control Panel Overlay CPO

There are also lots more posters available, and I’m just adding some Taito Canary art, and a selection of new marquees.

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New pieces and restocks of some art

Some new pieces added to the store in the last week, these include Lordsvale Neo Geo MVS Side Art for the 19″ cab.

Lordsvale Neo Geo MVS Side Art Pair (19″ Cabinet)

Electrocoin Street Fighter Control Panel Overlays

Electrocoin Street Fighter Control Panel Overlay CPO

OutRun 2 Internet Ranking decals

OutRun 2 Internet Ranking Decal ORT-1022-BUK

Konami Salamander Control Panel Overlays

Crazy Taxi ‘Lets Get Aweseome’ decals

Sega Crazy Taxi Upright “Let’s Get Awesome!” decal CTA-1404

And we’ve restocked some new original Sega pieces, Ferrari Emblems, fixing bolts, shifter covers and screws, all can be found in the new section and also the OutRun 2 section.

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Big stock update for July 2016

OutRun oval decal

I’ve been working on a lot of art these last few months and today I’ve added lots of new items to the store.

New additions include:

Initial-D 2 bezel decal
Initial-D 3 bezel decal
and Initial-D 3 base lid decal
Marble Madness CPO, OutRun stripe and oval decal that fit on the front of the cabinets.
Last of the Daytona USA 2 seat decals, the top black and white piece, and the No.1 and No.2 decals.
Also a lot of new control panel overlays and Blast City candy CPO’s are now available.

Got a load of restocks due early next week, so many long out-of-stock items will be replenished soon!