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What’s new….

Many items restocked and some new pieces added to the store now.

Megatech, Electrocoin Neo Geo MVS, Hero Turtles and Simpsons CPO’s are all back in stock. I managed to find some more new Sega spares, so we have Ferrari emblems, bolts, seat fixings and shifter covers available again. Managed to also find a couple of brand new Daytona 2 shifter covers which can be found here:

Daytona, Sega Rally etc. 4-Speed Gear Shift Cover-A *NEW* DYN-1222

A few new exclusive pieces have been finished recently too. We have Centipede Cabaret CPO’s, for the Irish built cabinets. These are a different design and brighter than the US build cabs.

Atari Centipede Cabaret Control Panel Overlay CPO (Irish cabinet)

Initial-D 3 side art is now available.

Initial-D 3 Side Art (pair) TOS-1551-AUK, TOS-1556-AUK

As well as the base side stickers which were fitted on ID1, 2 and 3 cabs.

Initial-D base sides decal (pair) TOF-1502UK / TOF-1503UK

Battlezone cabaret CPO’s are ready

Atari Battlezone Cabaret Control Panel Overlay CPO

There are also lots more posters available, and I’m just adding some Taito Canary art, and a selection of new marquees.