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Big Sale Now On!!!!

We’re having a clear out, loads of stock has massive reductions, F355 artwork is half price, Initial-D artwork has big reductions, and many more items have big discounts.

Here’s the list of what’s on sale:

F355 Challenge artwork all HALF PRICE!
All Posters now £12 or less
Egret 2 side art £10 off, Instruction decal £2 off
Selected CPO’s £10 off
Space Invaders cocktail overlays £6 off
Many marquees reduced by £5.
Chase HQ2 original Jap topper £10 off
House of the Dead 2 NOS side art £10 off
Crazy Taxi Let’s Get Awesome Half Price £6
Initial-D decals have big discounts
SCUD Race base sides Half Price
Daytona 2 decals have big reductions
Lordsvale Neo Geo side art £10 off
Turbo OutRun mini side art £5 off
Sega Rally side art £30 off!
Salamander side art £10 off
OutRun 2 ranking decal now £3.50
OutRun 2, Sega Rally, Daytona, F355 Dash decals reduced
Daytona 2 decals all reduced
OutRun 2 Jap seat back £10 off
OutRun 2 SP Uk Seat back now £15