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New ultra high quality thick vinyl pieces now in stock including Sega Rally 2 art

I’ve just finished adding some lovely new Sega Rally 2 pieces to the store. There’s a lot of stickers in the set, so they are being done in 2 batches, then next lot will be available next week.

Sega Rally 2 decals set 1

These are all printed on our amazing new 200 micron premium Orajet vinyl. It’s double the thickness of our regular stock, and the print quality is incredible. It has a lovely silk finish, so is much less shiny than the gloss laminated pieces, and the colours really pop.

I’ll be restocking much of the store inventory on this new vinyl, so long out-of-stock and backorder items will gradually be available again over the coming weeks.

As well as the Sega Rally 2 artwork, the following pieces have be restocked on the new vinyl:

Sega OutRun 2 Side Art decals pair ORT-1551-A, ORT-1556-A

Sega OutRun 2 UK Seat Back Decal ORT-1603-BUK

Sega Blast City 2-Player control panel overlay

Sega Naomi Universal 2p Overlay

Taito Egret II 100¥ Decal 100 Yen